What Is the Best Tron Wallet?

The list of the best wallets for TRX coin: advantages, use cases, and security.

TRON is a platform based on blockchain that provides entertainment opportunities for those who publish and store content there. It features a native token TRONIX (TRX), through which users may perform various operations.

This article is all about the wallets to store TRX tokens that are currently on the market.

What to Pay Attention To?

Here are some key things for you to take into account when choosing among the best wallets for Tron:

  • Not all wallets are suitable for specific tokens. So, check if a particular wallet supports a particular currency (in our case, TRX).
  • After the launch of the TRON network, TRX is not an ERC20 token anymore. Make sure you select a wallet that supports TRX.
  • To stay calm about the safety of your funds, you should ensure several levels of protection for them (PIN codes, recovery phrases, multi-factor authentication, etc.). Make sure the wallet offers all these security measures.
  • Check out if the wallet provides private keys. If you don’t have total control over your coins, why should you store them there?
  • If you are a beginner, you’d better look for a convenient and user-friendly wallet to have a positive user experience. The simpler the wallet is, the faster and more profitable your trading activities will be.

Furthermore, once you find a wallet that seems proper for storing your tokens, check who its developer is. Find out all the possible information on this wallet: its development team, their achievements, user reviews, wallet updates, etc. If there is no information on this project on the web, that should make you suspicious. You should rather choose active, progressive products with fresh user reviews.

5 Worthy Wallets for TRX Storage

Let us have a look at five reliable wallets for TRX storage that you may consider.

Cobo Wallet (Mobile Wallet)

This product offers various security levels depending on the amount you will withdraw. Cobo Wallet is relatively young, but it supports many cryptocurrencies and aims to provide a simple and reliable way to store crypto. Its interface is so easy to use that even a beginner will handle it.

Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet)

This option is available for over 40 crypto assets, where the most popular coins are included. This wallet is more suitable for experienced users than beginners as it is rather complicated. However, it is the most secure wallet to store your TRX.

It is made as a chip with a screen and buttons used for transaction verification. When you need to use it, you connect this chip to the PC through USB, and when you finish the operation you remove it. This wallet ensures no one can access your funds but you. Ledger Nano S wallet costs around $90.

Tron Wallet Android (Mobile Wallet)

A wallet for Android users that is supported by the TRON Foundation. It has a user-friendly interface with various features and a setup for a cold wallet. This product is available on Google Play and is suitable only for TRON tokens. You have a 24-word phrase to protect your funds in case your phone is lost. Moreover, all your data is encrypted with a password. Therefore, Tron Wallet Android is one of the most secure options.

Tron Wallet Chrome (Browser Extension)

This wallet is complicated at first and easy when you get used to it. Tron Wallet Chrome is easy to install on your PC, and it allows you to carry out all your transactions offline. That means your funds are protected since your keys never go on the Internet.

Tron Wallet iOS (Mobile Wallet)

This is a good option for those who use iOS. This wallet is designed for storing TRON network tokens. It is officially maintained by the TRON Foundation. You cannot store any other cryptocurrency here. Tron Wallet iOS is a fairly simple application with all the necessary functions performed in a logical and user-friendly way.


Depending on your intentions, the choice of a crypto wallet will be different. If you are an active trader and you use coins for operations and transactions every day, you need to have a proper wallet that will enable quick and convenient management of your funds. However, remember that most exchanges store your private keys, which means you are not the only one who accesses your funds. So, if everyday trading is not your case and you want to store your coins for a long time, you’d better select the Ledger hardware wallet.

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