A Look at Smart Speakers: The Amazon Echo Dot


A Look at Smart Speakers:  The Amazon Echo Dot

In 2015, Amazon released a product known as the Amazon Echo, which is one of the best ways of achieving a modern home and lifestyle.  The Amazon Echo is a Smart Speaker made to be a digital assistant that you could reach practically anywhere throughout your home. Many people saw the project a huge success that can be used with this year’s best smartphones, and a great concept to begin with.  

Echo was inhabited by Alexa, your assistant that acted similar to Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana but connected to your WiFi and lived in your home instead of your pocket and all of this can be used in your smarthome. One thing many enjoyed about the Echo device was Alexa’s seemingly “more human” interaction, her voice more appealing  than her competitors.

Compact Devices

Echo was a mid-height speaker that connected to your WiFi, and it was able to hear your requests from an incredible distance, but there laid a problem that can be found in any modern smarthome. “She” could hear you, but what if you were too far away to hear her? This year Amazon released the Amazon Echo Dot, one of two of Echo’s successors, and this time around Amazon kept that issue in mind even when you are smart gardening.

Echo Dot is more compact, at least half of the size of its original form, but will all the brains still intact. This would be a problem for the device if it still relied on itself for audio quality, but fortunately, it does not. Now, all of the smart home reviews suggest that the device takes up less space, and has an AUX out that enables the user to define the sound quality, based on whatever hardware they would please to hook up to the device.

This is sure to be a huge hit among users that are looking for fitness tips and are fond of Alexa’s ability to navigate playlists and play songs for you, perhaps even from the shower you could call for Alexa to play whatever it is your heart desired, all hands free, and all without hassle; not to mention the occasional pop-thought question that you just need to know the answer to immediately. We can see that Amazon brings a lot of products that makes our lives easier. That’s why I want you to check FBA seller fees.

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