Alpari Review

Alpari Review

Alpari is no Loner Recommended,we highly recommend the one noted below:-
If you’re going to trade Forex, then you need a broker that you know is well grounded and respected. Well if this is the case it’s tough to go wrong with Alpari. One of the things that drew us to them was the fact that their main headquarters are on Wall Street. Not only this, but they have offices in different parts of the world and in area that are well respected and affluent such as London and Dubai. Now this alone isn’t enough to sell us on giving a good review of this broker. We looked at some other things. Here’s what we found.

Alpari is able to support different levels of accounts. You can have a standard NDD market account that come with low spread and without commission or you can have a Pro account with low commission.Their minimum deposit is just $200 which is affordable for almost all. We like the account options, because being able to come in low means we can test them out better and we always have the option of upgrading.

The level of service you’ll get from this broker is actually quite good. We know you might hear this a lot, but in our Alpari review we found that customer service really seemed to be well trained and professional. They made us feel good about asking questions and seemed to be more than prepared to go the extra mile to answer them.

We’re pretty good at what we do, but this doesn’t mean we wouldn’t appreciate a broker that gave us access to different educational materials in order to get better. This is what Alpari did for us. We were able to use this in order to become better at using their platforms, which are the most popular trading platforms used.

If you’re going to go all in with a broker than you need to make sure they have stability. You don’t want them to be too young. Well in our Alpari review we learned that the company has been around since 1998. This is a long time. They also have regulatory credentials within the United States, which only adds to their credibility.

Alpari makes it easy for Forex traders to get used to using their platform and practicing their trading skills by using a demo account. The demo account comes with no risk. We were able to use it for about 30 days. A pleasant surprise we found though is you can actually get this time period extended.

One thing we did notice in our Alpari review was that the broker seemed to be really geared towards people with higher level accounts. Is this a bad thing? Well for some people it might be, because they might feel they aren’t going to get the same level of treatment as a lower account holder might.

We’re being honest when we say that we didn’t experience any difference in treatment based on the account level we had. We got the same professional treatment. However, we do feel that having a pro account is the best type of account to have with this broker. They just seem to offer so many perks.But the Market account is better as well.Under the Market account you can earn up to $250 Cashback when you trade on FX on a Market Account.If you are late to join,you may miss this handsome cashback offer.Or after opening an account you may always contact your account manager for updated promotion.

Alpari is certainly a Forex broker you can grow with, but we feel the ultimate goal should be to get a high level account. Besides from this we feel this broker has too many credentials to say anything bad about them. Their going to be around for a long time and we feel if you go with this broker you wouldn’t have to look anywhere else. We never felt like our money wasn’t safe or that we couldn’t trust Alpari.

The demo account with the option of extending it only makes it better. So why wait?Just open an Alpari Live Account or an Alpari DEMO Account that can be converted to a live account later on.
Alpari is no longer recommended ,rather we highly recommend to open an account with the following at once

N.B.The highly recommended minimum deposit is $200 at least.

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