Bancdebinary Review-Should You Join?

Bancdebinary Review

Are you thinking about trading binary options? If you are then know that this form of investing is very tough to make a profit off of. The reason for this isn’t always that making successful investments is hard. It’s that finding a good broker is so tough. The wrong broker can really set you back and hurt your investment bankroll. We wanted to use only the best and we came across Banc de Binary

. We decided that a quick Bancdebinary review would be enough to see if they were the right option for our long term goals.
Bancdebinary Review
How does the website look and how easy is it to navigate?
In our review of Bancdebinary, we had to see how the website was setup. What we wanted was something that was going to be very clean looking. We needed information to be spread out a certain way. We wanted easy navigation, because when you trade speed is of the essence. With this broker the information was more packed in than what we liked. There a lot of links, but at times things got a little confusing. Also there was a pop up that asked us about needed “live support” while this isn’t a bad thing it tended to get in our way at times. If we had to give them a rating for how easy the site is to navigate we would say a 6 out of 10.

What type of trading platform do they offer and is it good?
In our Bancdebinary review, one of the most important things we needed to look at was how good their trading platform was. We saw that it was powered by SpotOption, which is one of the best platforms around. This platform made trading easy and there were plenty of features to keep novice traders as well as more experienced traders more than happy. So if we had to give them a rating from 1 to 10 based on platform we’d give them an 8.5.
Do you have to download anything?

With Banc de Binary,you don’t have to download anything. And this is a good thing seeing a show trading software can often be complex and slow down a persons computer. You can get access to everything you need online. With the platform this broker offers traders will be able to execute 60 second options trading, put together their own unique option trades, one touch options etc.

What are the returns like for winning trades?

In our Bancdebinary review we had to see that they offered a decent rate of return for winning trades. They offer as low as 70% and as high as 91%. The highest rate of return doesn’t happen all that much and we felt like this was only offered in order to get more people to sign up. The average is l little over 70%, which is about average. One more thing, you don’t get a refund for out of the money trades, which can really hurt you in the end if getting a refund on losing trades is a part of your trading strategy.

What type of accounts does this broker offer?

We found that Bancdebinary offers several different accounts. Each one of them is designed for different levels of trader. If we had to sum it up we would say that the best accounts are the ones which require a lot of money to be deposited. The higher the account the more perks you’ll get. If you have a basic account, then don’t expect too much.

We feel that in our Banc de Binary
review they fell short of a few things. We wanted an easier to navigate website but didn’t really get what we expected. But there were some high points though. If we had to recommend this broker to a particular type of trader we would recommend them to high level traders with a lot of money to invest.

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