Easy Markets (Easy Forex) Review

Easy Forex Review

Are you thinking about getting started in the Forex market? The world of Forex offers you a good chance to make an extra income so that you don’t have to depend completely on a job. You can get started with a small amount and if you have the skills you can work your way up to a nice investment bankroll. Finding a broker is easy enough, but not all of them are created equal. One I’ve had the chance to look into would be Easy Forex. In my Easy Forex review I wasn’t looking for anything spectacular. I just wanted to see that I’d be dealing with a solid broker I could trust my investment bankroll with. Here’s what I wanted.
Easy Forex Review
* In the Easy Forex review I conducted I was looking to see how well rounded they were. I wanted versatility in my investments. I take trading Forex seriously and I need to see that the broker I use is going to offer me many options to make winning trades.

* I was looking for a broker that wasn’t obscure. This means I wanted them to be well known and have a good reputation. A good reputation means I can trust the growth of my bankroll with them and that they have the needed regulatory requirements.

* I was looking for a broker that wouldn’t limit me to just trading the Forex market. Maybe I might want to dabble in commodities as well in order to make more money. All of this is important to me.

I didn’t use Easy Forex for long, but in my short review I was pleased to see that they offer all the versatility I would need in order to implement whatever trading methods I wanted to. The company seems to have a good reputation, which is important. What good is it to make money if you have to worry about not getting paid or the company vanishing overnight? And lastly, this broker does offer the chance to trade other things such as commodities. So far so good right, but we’re not done yet.

In order for me to really put together a good Easy Forex review I had to weigh the good against the bad. I had to see if the good points were enough that I could ignore the weak points and recommend this broker to other traders. Here’s what I came up with in terms of strong points.

* The spreads in every market are fixed. This means the spread is going to be tight, which is a good thing indeed.

* You don’t have to limit yourself to just trading Forex. You can also choose to trade commodities if this is your area of specialization.

* Among the Forex trading platforms they offer MetaTrader4 is also available which is one of the better known platforms out there. It’s been used for a long time and very respected in the industry.

* You can get started building an investment bankroll for as low as $25 but I highly recommend to invest $300 at least to start trading with this broker. This means just about anyone can join and get started honing their skills. The risk is low and the rewards high.

* Depositing couldn’t be easier. In my Easy Forex review I saw that they offer options such as credit card depositing, PayPal ,Skrill, Neteller and wire transfer etc..

Now for the weak points. I don’t have to list this in bullet point format, because I only found one. It’s a big one though. Easy Forex doesn’t take Americans. This is a shame, but it’s not a deal breaker.
So in weighing the good against the bad in my Easy Forex review I have to say the good far outweighs the bad. If you’re looking to trade the Forex market and you want a stable broker you can grow with, then you can’t go wrong with Easy Markets/Easy Forex. Joining is free,so there is nothing to be worried of!

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