FXCC Review- Just What Can You Expect?

FXCC Review

One of the thing about getting into Forex trading is finding a broker you can really trust. Some people only do this part time so they don’t really care too much who they use. Then you have some people who look at Forex trading the same way they look at gambling on online slots. Well this form of investing isn’t gambling. If you’re good at what you do then you need an online broker that’s not going to hinder you. FXCC is one of the best ECN brokers we decided to give a try despite having one strong negative about it and it is not a negation really! This is the fact that they haven’t been around very long. It was founded in 2010 by a team of FX market experts, building on their long experience in the financial markets.FXCC is authorized and regulated by CySec and it operates under the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). It is registered by the FCA,UK (Reference Number 549790) and EEA Authorized.
FXCC Review

Now even though FXCC hasn’t been around very long, you can tell that this broker is serious about what they do. When we first got into the world of Forex trading we were concerned, because there just seemed to be so many different issues that weren’t being addressed. One of them was scam brokers who would just take your money and run. You had brokers who wouldn’t pay. The list of problems goes on and on. One thing we can say about our FXCC review is that they seemed to address all of these issues. They didn’t hide from our questions, which is important.

Here’s some of the other important things we found in our FXCC review:

FXCC doesn’t limit you in terms of what trading platform you’re able to use in order to get started with their system. Sure, most brokers make use of one primary system but having an extra option helps those who might not be comfortable using it. These two trading platforms aren’t low end. These are two very highly regarded platforms that Forex traders use to make big moves each day. We can envision having a lot of success with either of them.

The language barrier is something that get’s in the way of a lot of Forex traders. So in our FXCC review we wanted to see that this broker was going to accommodate people of the most widely used languages. No problems there. They provide service in 9 different languages. Not only this, but as far as the trading conditions go they couldn’t be better. In fact we compared them against some of the other top ranking ECN Forex brokers out there and found FXCCs trading conditions were right up there.

Now for one of the main things we wanted to look for in our FXCC review. We believe the way to consistent profits in Forex trading is the ability to use different techniques such as scalping and hedging. We needed to make sure any broker we used wasn’t going to hinder or limit our ability to do this. FXCC doesn’t do this at all. This is an STP broker that will allow you to use methods such as scalping and hedging as you need. They also have spreads in fractional pips.

Lastly, we noticed when we looked into other brokers that for some reason they wouldn’t let you open multiple accounts. We didn’t like this so we wanted to make sure FXCC wouldn’t have the same conditions. They didn’t. You can open up multiple accounts if you need to, which comes in handy if you do Forex trading seriously.

Don’t let the fact that FXCC is a relatively new forex broker keep you away. In our short test run of them we saw that the trading conditions they offer are super competitive. In fact,it can no longer be considered a a new broker since it is over 3 years in age.I highly urge you to open a free FXCC account at once.

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  1. I have traded with FXCC for past few month. With the experience of 2 years in trading I can confirm that FXCC only knows to steal money. Their good support system is only for a few time. Once you deposit here then you will not get your reply in time.
    Be safe from FXCC.