FXCM Review-The Biggest and Trusted Forex Forex Broker

FXCM Review

We are no longer recommending FXCM based on their recent bad customer service where you are going to suffer,you had better open an account with the following at once:

N.B.The highly recommended minimum deposit is $200 at least.

We all know that finding a reputable forex broker is tough. Anyone who wants to be successful in the business has to be able to trust that their broker is going to have their best interests at heart. FXCM is a broker that’s supposed to offer all of this to you and more. We did a FXCM review just to see if they would live up to our expectations. Getting started we felt good about using them. The website is setup very professionally.

You can tell FXCM is serious about projecting a professional image so that forex traders will trust them. The main reason we chose to test out this broker at all was because they were so well regarded in the industry. How would a broker come to get this designation? We figured they would have to be very good when it comes to customer service, they would have to be honest and most importantly they would have to make it easy for people to use their platforms.
In our FXCM review we found that all of this was in place. We can see why the company is so reputable and so relied upon all throughout the world.

Here’s some of the other positives we found in our review of FXCM:
· Company was founded in 1999
· FX Trading station software is said to be some of the best in the industry

The elaboration of top 3 regulators are as follows:-

Financial Services Authority (FSA)
Futures Commission Merchant (FCM)
National Futures Association (NFA)
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

· Minimum deposits to open an account are low, although they variate based on the type of account you want to open.
· Sign-up is easy, just requires to fill the application form up.A demo account account can also be opened that can be used for up to a month.Please be advised the demo accounts open via the provided demo link above are with initial balance of $50,000.00. The accounts expire after there was no activity on the demo account for 30 days or when the balance reaches $0. So if you do not loose money and trade actively on the demo account there is no deadline for the account.And you can upgrade to live account when you like.

· There’s no dealing desk trading execution
· Leverage amounts are very flexible

At first we thought this broker wasn’t going to be much different than any other forex broker on the market. They would be either hit or miss. Well with this broker we definitely found a good one.

We feel the main reason FXCM is such a good forex broker was because they’ve been around long enough to workout any negatives they might have had in the beginning. Some other brokers never do this and will just remain the same. This is the reason why they fail or struggle to retain clients. Well this isn’t the case with this broker. We can tell that they’ve worked really hard in order to establish themselves globally and gain the respect needed to be taken seriously.
We like that this broker doesn’t seem to hinder your ability to successfully trade the forex market. We’re confident that anyone who wants to trade with them will experience some of the best and fair trading out there. The FX Trading Station Software is so easy to use and this makes using this broker perfect for clients that are new or those that have been trading for a long time.
There are several other traders you can be using in order to be involved with forex, but none of them seem to have the reputation as FXCM does. Forex is tough to make money in and in order to be successful you have to trust in your broker. In our review of FXCM we found that trust wouldn’t be an issue at all. Their reputation is so solid that we can’t see them doing anything to taint it in any way. All in all we would recommend this broker to just about anyone who takes forex trading seriously.
I am very glad to inform you that FXCM Launches a type of interest bearing account called FXCM markets
FXCM Markets is not regulated by the FCA as FXCM LTD, but is still part of FXCM, therefore it is fully backed up by the company internal controls and a major financial firm.

Since FXCM Markets is not under the financial regulation of FCA it is able to provide lower margin for all clients and pay interest on the funds of the clients.You can start earning interest by simply opening an FXCM Markets account and depositing funds. All accounts are also equipped to trade Forex and CFDs. The money you don’t use for trading accrues interest at a rate of 5% APR.There is no minimum deposit necessary to earn interest, but the minimum to open an account with FXCM Markets is USD 50.
We are no longer recommending FXCM based on their recent bad customer service where you are going to suffer,you had better open an account with the following at onec:

   N.B.The highly recommended minimum deposit is $200 at least.

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