Interactive Option-An Unbiased Review

Interactive Option Review

Interactive Option is a binary options trader that’s been in the business for a few years now. Even though they sound like a good broker you have to be sure of who you’re dealing with. We did a Interactive Option review just to see what types of experiences we could expect from them.
Interactive Option Review
How committed is Interactive Option to ensuring customers have a good trading experience?

No binary options trader you’d be invested with long term would want to lose you because of a bad experience. So in our review of Interactive Option we wanted to see just how good our experience would be. This is important, because we trade high volume and we need to see that nothing is going to hinder what we do. This broker seems to be very serious about giving customers a very professional experience when it comes trading. We like this, because we’re professionals and we would imagine anyone who uses them is going to fall into the same category.

How many unique trading assets does the company offer and what are the payouts?

We would prefer for any binary options trader we use to have an above average payout. Why is this? Well it’s hard to make money with this form of investment. So the higher the payouts the better. We found in our review of Interactive Option that they offer payouts of up to 90%. Traders shouldn’t expect this all the time though. The company also offers little over 200 trading assets. So any specialty you have you shouldn’t have any problem finding the asset you need here. They don’t limit you in this way.

What platform do they operate on and what’s so good about it?

One thing we liked about this broker is that they operate using the SpotOption platform. This is a very unique and comprehensive trading platform and the features are even better. You can trade short term options, long term, one tough, ladder, and pair options. The platform is so good that this alone might be reason to give them a shot. With this platform traders are going to have access to advanced color charts that have multiple screen views.

What are withdrawals like with Interactive Option?

You aren’t going to have to worry about not being able to get your money out fast if you use this broker. They offer quick withdrawals and you’ll also have access to a multitude of different deposit options. These would include different credit card as well as you being able to use Skrill.


Based on our review of Interactive Option we feel that this broker is one of the most professional you can find. Their platform is very good and they are regulated by the CySEC. Traders will have access to all sorts of educational materials including webinars and even personal training if needed. We feel if you need is a serious broker, then you can’t go wrong with interactive Option.

In general they offer one of the most professional honest Binary Options platforms available. They have an overall rating of 92/100 and rank highly in most categories.Why wait?Just open an account

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  1. I would really want to believe what you are saying is really true. I as a newbie signed up made my
    deposit.However, was about 2 years ago. At the time I was not dealt with how It was stated I would be dealt with. Therefore, I requested my funds back. The agreement read that I could have my funds back whenever I wanted it. I had not even traded much however, because of how I was treated I no longer wished to trade with this platform. I requested my money I deposited and only my money I deposited back over and repeatedly. They ignored me insulted me and never returned my funds. What also madesuspicious of themis the fact that every broker they assigned to me some how was always fired. This makes me have no confidence inthem at all. Additionally, perhaps because you already had experience it worked out for you. Sadly this has not been my experience. Iwould also like to know what happened to David. He was the last one assigned to me. I tried emailing him to ask a question I never got him. It was just the usual mailer demon that I would get when I tried to contact any other broker they assigned to me. I must say he had been the nicest by far. It is just that the time difference between us was so off. I have a fulltime Job as a nurse and I work shifts. Of course that was established from the beginning. Really and truly though, I am hoping that you are right about them despite what my experince has been so I can get on with my life and do with it what you say it does. All I know is my own experience and the experience of others who would haves similar dismays about it. Itruly look forward to being on the better side of platform. I welcome any real ideas or better yet solutions