Neteller Review

Neteller Review

Neteller Review Neteller Review

If you’re looking for a funding source, then Neteller might be for you. You’ve heard of Neteller most likely.This is one of the best FCA regulated payment processors where your money is always safe. They’ve been around a while and ran into some problems a while back. The company seems to have recovered and made adjustments in order to come back from a low point to where they are now. Neteller enables users to deposit money online so that they can use it to fund a prepaid Discover Network card that you can get through the system. This sounds good and all, but just how good is Neteller overall?

How much does it cost to deposit money using a credit card?

The majority of people who decide to use Neteller are likely going to be using a credit card of some sort. So you want the fees to be reasonable. You have to pay a 2.5% fee whenever you decide to deposit money with your Visa or MasterCard. This fee seem fair, but we believe it could be a tad bit lower.

How long does it take to get the debit card that comes with the account?

There’s no qualification process for getting the card that comes with the account. One you sign up for an account and you add funds, you’ll be sent a card right away. You’re able to use this card the same as you would use any type of credit/debit card. You can use it any place that takes Discover network.

Can you easily review your history for tax purposes?

You can actually have a history of your account transactions sent to you through the mail if you request it. This will cost you though. We saw that it was easier to just look at your history online, which is free. You can look at transactions, the date of these transactions, etc. Any information you need is going to be there.

How much money can you have in your Neteller account?

If you’re going to have money in any online account, then it’s best to have a reasonable limit. Neteller allows for a maximum of $10,000 to be held in your account. We feel this amount is more than reasonable.


In our Neteller review we wanted to see something special about them. We wanted to see that they had something to offer few other places did. If we’re being honest we have to say that the services they offer are just average at best. They seem to be solid, but they have competition. But this is one of the best methods to fund your forex trading account.

We found that a lot of places online just don’t accept them as a direct payment methods. So this limits how much you can really use the account. And the fees you get charged are really no better than what you can find in other places. All in all Neteller is good, but probably more so for people located in certain parts of the world.

The system does work pretty fast though and they do make it easy to keep track of any transactions you make. The platform is very simple to get accustomed to and it’s not confusing at all.

I highly recommend to open a free Neteller account at once!

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  1. Great review and those guys also offering some great support for any eWallet related issue. Did some research and it looks like those people are working with Neteller for some time now and made lots of customers happy. Definitely worth a try!