Important Strategies for New Investors


Important Strategies for New Investors

The modern financial world has seen some amazing changes over the last decade.  In years past, investors would generally give their money to an experienced account manager and that money would be used to buy stock in a company.  But now that we have a wide variety of market brokers that offer trading access through proprietary software, it is clear that the dynamic has changed.  Because of this, more and more people are taking the reins themselves and implementing market trades on their own. With this, we tend to use Igloo Software for better communication when it comes to stock trading, because money is at stake here.

According to recent data from FiboGroup, more than 95% of new traders lose money in the market using strategies that should have been avoided.  This is important because it means that most losses new traders experience are actually avoidable.  

Benefits of Demo Trading

With this in mind, one of the best things that a new trader can do to ensure success is to start trading using a demo account.  These accounts will allow you to trade under live market conditions using virtual currency.  This means that you will be able to practice your strategies in order to make sure they are truly capable of producing repeatable gains over time.  Without this, no strategy should be attempted in the market, as there is no proof for turning the odds into your favor.  

Investing is not the same as gambling, and traders that are looking for ways to succeed over the long-term will need to find ways of backtesting their strategies over decades of market data.  This can only be done properly when using a demo account because there will always be the need to fine-tune your approach as the historical data is analyzed.  If this is done using a live account, the process can quickly become very costly.  Luckily, it is very easy to solve this problem as it only requires the use of a demo trading account.

So it doesn’t matter if you are looking to trade in stocks, currencies, or commodities — the rules are generally the same.  Those with less experience should be looking for ways to limit risk, as there is still much learning to be done before real money is put at risk in the markets.  The best way of accomplishing this is to use a demo account because there is essentially no different between the ways these accounts are used and the they live accounts are used.  This approach can prove to be invaluable in terms of its ability to limit potential losses.

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