Traders-Trust Review

Traders-Trust Review

Traders-Trust Review
Traders-Trust is a true STP Forex broker that we believe can offer serious traders a solid platform for making money through this risky but rewarding investment form. We haven’t been using Traders-Trust for a long time, but we did give it a solid test just to see if it was up to our standards. What are our standards? Well we need a solid forex broker that’s going to help us grow our investment bankrolls. We need a broker that’s going to educate us on how to be better traders. We need someone we can trust. We want a steady and reliable broker, not someone who operates their business like their running an online casino with online casino paypal. If you are a big money player, it might be that you tend to max bet anyway when you enjoy your slots online uk, but for many of us, playing low value and still being able to win the jackpot is the thing we are searching for.

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Well we took a good look at Traders-Trust company overview in order to get an idea of what they were all about. We liked what we saw to say the least. Here are some of the companies finer points.

* The company is based in Cyprus, which seems to be where several Forex brokers are based in.
* The company is regulated by CYSEC and authorized by FCA,UK where your money is safe.
* The company has been around since 2009 and was launched by TTCM, a financial services provider
* Company is a part of the Investor Compensation Fund, which offers extra security to clients
* Company works in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive of the European Union

Readers who want a complete Traders-Trust company overview can easily find it on the main website. This is just a short list of the information we found most important. Now what we want to focus on is our experience using this Forex broker. Here are some of the main points we liked.

* We like the fact that with Traders-Trust we’re able to get some really competitive spreads. The leverage is about 1:500. We also didn’t have to jump through hoops by dealing with desk execution for our orders. We feel this is a good strong point. This means you won’t have to worry about any kind of problems such as conflict of interest with a broker.

* Traders-Trust doesn’t have any issue with traders making use of expert advisers. Some traders really rely on these. Plus they don’t try to stop you from using different trading strategies that might be working for you such as scalping and hedging. There’s no restrictions whatsoever in this area. You can execute your trading strategy to the fullest.

* Here is a point we really like and we were glad to see this in our Traders-Trust review. Commissions can really eat away at your profits. So no matter how good you are the commission can make it all the more tough for you. This broker doesn’t charge any sort of commission. The company makes their money by marking up the spread slightly.

* The last point we liked about Traders-Trust trust is that after a short while traders can take part in the handsome rebate promotion. All the have to do is send in an email to customer support. This rebate program is very beneficial.


Traders-Trust offers good customer service support by means of email, live chat or by phone. We feel having multiple forms of communication is important to serious traders. The company seems to be solid and we can see it becoming a big player as they continue to evolve. Traders-Trust is the real deal. To check it out and open a free account ,please Click Here

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